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Java Workshop

The Java 4 day class cum workshop is being held in computer lab 3 from 2-8-2010 to 5-8-2010 by FOCES faculty. Even though it was aimed at the second year students a lot of senior students also attended the ongoing java familiarization class.

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PHP Workshop

The much awaited Foces workshop cum training on PHP was well attended by students from all classes and took place at Computer lab 3 on 19th July. The event gained eyeballs of many students as participants exceeded the expected number of students. The whole program will extend upto 4 days and is aimed at enhancing the technological knowledge of students.

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A talk by  Prof.(Dr.) V.P. Devassia  on “How to prepare for a seminar” for 4th year students was conducted on 15th July 2010 which answered many curious questions It was basically meant for final years , but surprisingly many juniors also turned up !

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As promised earlier the workshop on Photoshop was conducted last week for all FOCES members in CEC’s computer  lab.

By CEC 2012 CS students :

  • Rahul Ramesh
  • Gopikrishnan
  • Melvin John
  • Bipin Thomas
  • Dennis Antony Varkey

The participants mainly consisted of an enthusiastic bunch of First years. In accordance with their request workshop will be resumed.

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Have you ever wondered how a software is developed??

Have you wondered whether the programs that you do as a part of your curriculum … are they significant??

Have an idea? , but don’t know how to implement it in bits & bytes?

For answers to all these questions and more…..

Check out the talk by Anoop Thomas Mathew

Venue : Old block

Time & Date : 9 am, 6th Feb 2010

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FOCES (Forum Of Computer Engineering Students ) went into hibernation longtime ago, but now it is rebooting……..

Totally revamped but still strong to the core…

Unlike the past ,it won’t hibernate any more, v’ll make sure of that !

Feb 3, 2010 witnessed the rebirth of FOCES and we will witness its joueney towards past glory.

Lets strive together and do it!!!!

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