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What started as an ordinary seminar presentation on a strict syllabus topic turned out to be quite interesting…

Hats off to Anuraj & Sangeeth Of S4 D (CEC 20012)  for improvising a slide show for the same, without which it would have been boring !

The topic was CDMACode Division Multiple Access

Download the slide shows :

Related Video :

Venue : Seminar hall

DATE : 24th Feb 210

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As a second step to control key components of the internet backbone Google ventures into fibre optic network business. So what was the first step?
For those who don’t know, last December Google public domain name system (DNS- It’s like a switchboard that converts the textual domain name that u type or click or search or into the corresponding IP numerical address.

So what does this offer in a business point of few? So google on becoming a major DNS & fibre network provider they could collect even more data and use that to make their ads and search results more relevant.

Now coming back to recent development- the experimental fibre optic network. Google aims to provide this to 500,000 homes (in USA) and also to ISPs to make bandwidth intensive applications common to all , which include 3D games & 3D movies to your HDTV. Even more Google plans to give all this to the home users at competitive prices, which is threat to all the telecom giants.

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Have you ever wondered how a software is developed??

Have you wondered whether the programs that you do as a part of your curriculum … are they significant??

Have an idea? , but don’t know how to implement it in bits & bytes?

For answers to all these questions and more…..

Check out the talk by Anoop Thomas Mathew

Venue : Old block

Time & Date : 9 am, 6th Feb 2010

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